AEROSTRIP® Diffusers at Melbourne Water‘s WTP

February 27, 2024

The Western Treatment Plant in Melbourne is being upgraded and will operate at the highest level of energy efficiency after completion. Significant energy and CO2 savings will be achieved by installing the AEROSTRIP® Diffuser technology from Hydroflux Epco together with AQUACONSULT.

One of the most exciting wastewater treatment plant modernisation projects in the world is currently being implemented at the Western Treatment Plant near Melbourne. The Western Treatment Plant, which treats approximately half of Melbourne’s sewage, has been treating the wastewater using a combination of large-scale lagoon system and activated sludge plants. This method is increasingly reaching its limits and ability to meet the discharge quality limits to Port Philip Bay. Over the years, the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee has been upgraded in stages to conventional wastewater treatment with aeration tanks and the treatment capacity increased. As part of its third stage upgrade, a new 5W Nutrient Removal Plant (NRP) will be constructed by BMD to increase the Western Treatment Plant’s treatment capacity, improve discharge quality and operate in compliance with maximum energy efficiency criteria.

Strip diffuser technology from AQUACONSULT Anlagenbau in Lower Austria plays a key role in the new overall concept. Diffusers supply the microorganisms in the aeration tanks of the wastewater treatment plant with vital oxygen: “Our AEROSTRIP® have been proven to save up to 40% energy compared to conventional aeration systems,” emphasises Gerald Glaninger, Managing Director of AQUACONSULT.

Over 7,000 AEROSTRIP® Diffusers in operation at WTP

As part of Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant 2nd stage upgrade in 2017, over 2,000 AEROSTRIP® Diffusers were installed in four newly constructed aeration tanks.

A further 5,200 AEROSTRIP® diffusers have now been delivered for the next stage of the upgrade and most extensive phase of the modernisation project which will be installed and commissioned in Werribee by the end of 2024. The arrangement of the diffusers in five huge circular aeration basins is another special feature: “Due to the conditions on site, an optimum arrangement with different diffuser lengths was calculated, which become shorter and shorter towards the centre of the circle,” explains Glaninger. This “Christmas tree arrangement” enables seamless and uniform aeration of the wastewater volumes and further increases energy efficiency.

The upgraded Western Treatment Plant will eventually treat over 485 million litres of wastewater per day – almost half of Melbourne’s wastewater. The new 5W NRP Plant will treat approximately 150 million litres of that wastewater per day. “We are very proud to be able to make a significant technological contribution to the success of this unique and internationally acclaimed wastewater treatment plant project with our solution,” emphasises Luis Bastos, CEO of Hydroflux Epco.

Aeration with Hydroflux Epco

Hydroflux Epco has over 10 years experience in designing & constructing aeration solutions for the industrial and municipal markets, installing over 55km of AEROSTRIP® Diffusers across Australia. Hydroflux Epco is the exclusive Australian Agent for AEROSTRIP® technology managing all process sizing, design installation, commissioning and testing locally.

The technology has been certified as Carbon Neural by Climate Active Australia, a federal government initiative.

The first phase of modernisation in Werribee began in 2017. At that time, 2,000 AEROSTRIP® diffusers installed in four aeration tanks.

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AEROSTRIP® is a registered trademark of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

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